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Dr. Ragupathy Subramanyam

Dr. Ragupathy Subramanyam, PhD

Dr. Ragupathy is the Adjunct Professor, College of Biological Sciences, Curator of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario’s BIO Herbarium and Co-Director of NHP Research Alliance at the University of Guelph.

His research has impacted policy on biodiversity and international trade of herbal products including product authentication and certification standards within the food and natural product industry within Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Through this research he co-developed TRU-ID commercial DNA probes and lab SOPs for new industry standards in natural ingredient identification and authentication.

Dr. Ragupathy has authored over 90 publications including books and journal papers on genomic diversity and molecular diagnostic tools for plant identification. He has discovered and described several new plant species (in India and China), and plant based medicine and food; currently he is working on DNA-based tools for the identification of coffee, tea and chocolate.

Dr. Ragupathy attained his PhD in botany and genetics from University of Madras (1992), followed by a post doctorate in ethnobotany genomics at Central Queensland University (1998) and University of Guelph (2003-2006).